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Fused Refining Flux

AUTHOR:    DATE:2015-04-11
Application of RUNDA-FR-M02

· Suitable for 1xxx/5xxx/6xxx aluminum alloys

· Used to remove non-metallic inclusions in molten aluminum

· Used to remove alkali metals in molten aluminum

· Excellent to remove high magnesium (Mg>2) alloys

· By Injector with inert gas can improve degassing, reduce metal porosity, achieving high refining performance.

· Obtain dry and loose drosses

Advantage of RUNDA-FR-M02

· Increases the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles

· Reduces the number of breaks in continuous casting

· Eliminates edge cracks when rolling high Mg aluminium alloys

· Free of fluorides. Zero fluoride emissions

· Non-hazardous compound

· Low melting point for rapid dispersion (<766°F, 480°C)

· Less hygroscopic than magnesium

· Replaces chlorine gas in furnace fluxing

· Reduces the use of chlorine gas in in-line refining systems

· Low application rates, typical 0.5 kg / MT aluminium

· Keeps the furnace, launders, in-line degassers and casting nozzles free from sludge and dross built-up