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Granulated De-Na Flux

AUTHOR:    DATE:2015-04-11
Application of Granulated De-Na Flux
Suitable for 1xx/3xx/6xx/8xx series Al-Alloy.
Used to remove Na from Aluminium melt.
Multi-function with refining, drossing, covering, degassing.

Advantage of Granulated De-Na Flux
Granulated fused fluxes with uniform granule
Prevent furnace, launder, in-line degasser and casting nozzle from piling sludge and slag.
Less fume and no dust with low dosage.
Obtain dry and loose dross and reduce metal loss
Low melting point for rapid dispersion.

Specification of Granulated De-Na Flux
Appearance: off-white granule
Grain Size: 1-3mm
Recommended application rate: 0.8-1.5kg/MT
Shelf time: 12 months